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          Effective from Monday, 23 March 2020, all schools will be closed until further notice. Work will be uploaded to Google Classroom for your child to complete which can be accessed by clicking the above '关闭学校' button. Here you will also find the latest updates regarding the closure. Thank you


          Can we remind students who are attending the Academy to wear sun cream in the current hot conditions

          Outwood Academy Valley Transition Website - Please click the link below

          Outwood Academy Valley Transition Website link

          Letters/Tips/信息 for Parents

          How to apply for Free School Meals

          DFE家族基金 - Financial support for families of children with complex needs


          Learning about staying safe online is very important. At Outwood Academy Valley we make sure our students are aware of the risks to safety that are online and what to do to stay safe.

          We are committed to improving 电子安全 not only in school but at home as well.

          Children's Guide to Coronavirus

          National Online 安全 Link


          Cook with Jack Deane - leading chef at the Jamie Oliver Cookery School


          Follow us on 推特: //twitter.com/Outwood_Valley


          Fit and Fabulous Friday Newsletter